Recommendations and Guidelines for the Use

of This Site Encrypted Communications

You should verify that either a closed lock is shown in the upper or lower section of the window, or a complete key (depending upon which browser version is installed on your computer). This symbol will appear when you execute transactions in your account. Double-clicking on the lock or key symbol will display the digital certificate issued to this site.


You access the system by entering a username and password. This data is personal and must not be given out to others. While logging onto the website/platform using your personal details, it is recommended that no unauthorized persons are in your vicinity who can view this information. Your personal password must never be disclosed to others, not even to service personnel. If anyone requests your password, do not give it out, and immediately notify customer service. No one at swisscci - swisscci crypto Currencies is authorized to ask for those details.


Selection of password – You should choose a password that cannot be easily deciphered. Furthermore, your password should consist of random characters, upper and lower case letters, and numbers. Password replacement – You should change your password regularly; In case the event occurs that your password or personal account may have been revealed to others.


Security Resources in the swisscci - swisscci crypto Currencies website and access to the site system is secured and controlled by a security system that enables access only to those services that are required by the system. Information transferred between the site and your personal computer is encrypted using a 128 bit SSL encryptioncertificate. swisscci - swisscci crypto Currencies supervises and controls the systems’ communications, and records all activities taking place in the system. Routine information security checks are carried out by our information security experts.

End Of Activity in The System

Exit the system by a press on “Logout”.